employee exemplification

David Atkisson
Senior Project Manager

If you’ve worked with JE Dunn’s office in Springfield, Missouri, there’s a solid chance you know David Atkisson. He has been the leader of the Springfield office for 13 years and wears many hats. The office does not have a full-time business development staff, and he praises Darcy Stewart from the Kansas City office for being supportive in that area.

Atkisson understands the market in Springfield and has a talent for winning in competition amongst smaller hometown general contractors — an undertaking most of JE Dunn’s peers have not had to endure. Atkisson places importance on outperforming competition, not being the “cheapest,” which exemplifies the quality and top-notch performance at JE Dunn. We are high performers and proven builders.

In partnership with the Kansas City and Atlanta offices, Atkisson has been wrapping up a project for a human-grade food ingredient company, Kemin Industries, and is halfway through a multi-phase renovation for Second Baptist Church. In addition, Atkisson is gearing up for expansion and renovation at Citizen’s Memorial Hospital, displaying his ability to tackle larger and more complex projects in the region by partnering with other offices.

However it’s not just about winning competition and undertaking complex projects, Atkisson said. He serves on many boards and committees to help improve his community, give back, and build relationships.

“I owe a lot of my work ethic to my parents, who owned multiple businesses over the years,” Atkisson said, and to his dad who worked a salaried job and maintained a cattle farm.

He carries his persistence and stride toward success in his personal life, too. He and his wife, Tabitha, have four children who, “Keep us humble and poor. (Not really, but you know what I mean.)” he said. “But man, are kids expensive!”

His gratefulness, desire to overachieve, and humbleness are just a few qualities that make David Atkisson the person he is and such an exemplary part of our JE Dunn team.