employee exemplification

Amber Timmermeyer
Senior Marketing Manager

Within the city of Houston, Texas, Amber Timmermeyer implements a spark of cheer and competitiveness at JE Dunn. Serving as the newly promoted Senior Marketing Manager, no two days are ever the same for Timmermeyer. And that is just how she likes it. Underneath all the proposals she pours her time into, lies a well-rounded mix of tasks that allows her to explore her creative side. Whether that’s creating hard hat stickers, collecting film for social media, or planning a community event – she’s up for the challenge. “I am super deadline oriented and will do whatever it takes to get the job done,” Timmermeyer says. “I have spent many late nights working to get an important proposal completed on time.” Her work ethic, she says, can be attributed to her parents, who owned their own business during her childhood. They taught her how to roll up her sleeves and get things done.

I really enjoy seeing the buildings JE Dunn builds throughout the city I love. Knowing that my work contributes to winning projects is the icing on the cake.

In Timmermeyer’s eyes it’s always a goal to strive for the best, especially when it comes to projects that spring up in the city she loves.

“I am actually fairly competitive and a bit of a perfectionist, so I take great pride in the work I produce,” she says. “Knowing that my work contributes to winning projects is the icing on the cake.”

Within her workplace community, Timmermeyer says she is “not afraid to ask questions, and always wants to be ‘in the know’ about – well everything.”

From her start at JE Dunn in 2012 as a marketing manager, she has been an active and social member in and out of the office. Engaging events with her co-workers is something that Timmermeyer actively plans and participates in — a passion that amped up after the pandemic hit to accomodate the need to brighten up the return-to-work atmosphere.

“I try to be the office cheerleader, by organizing fun events to engage my co-workers,” she says. “We have a great space for entertaining, so we look for any excuse to have a party! Birthdays, Fat Tuesday, Astros game – really any reason for us to gather and enjoy each other’s company.”