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Employee Resource Group Updates


This year, Blacks United in Learning and Development (BUiLD) has achieved notable growth and implemented impactful initiatives. Participant numbers have increased, specifically in the West Region, which has seen an impressive increase of over 200% since 2022. BUiLD’s collaboration with leadership and HR has continued to strengthen, allowing the chance to provide valuable perspectives on current and upcoming company initiatives. Back by popular demand, the BUiLD Workplace Learning Series is now open to participants from all ERGs, highlighting departmental resources and benefits in supporting all employees, both professionally and personally.

BUiLD’s achievements this year underscore the commitment to foster an inclusive and supportive environment for all employees.

Further, BUiLD is making strides in high schools, colleges, and universities, drawing in candidates to JE Dunn to help foster a diverse talent pipeline in recruitment efforts.

Lastly, the national BUiLD Summit will be hosted in Houston, Texas this fall, focusing on the theme “Return on Investment.” The goal of this event is to bring together leaders and participants to celebrate our successes, share insights, and have meaningful dialogue. BUiLD’s achievements this year underscore the commitment to foster an inclusive and supportive environment for all employees and brings light to the many benefits of providing a platform for participants to be their authentic selves.

Moment Connection

JE Dunn’s women’s networking group, Moment Connection, has seen an impressive first half of the year, hosting more than 60 events nationally and growing in membership. In March, JE Dunn and Moment Connection celebrated Women in Construction Week with various offices taking part in meetings, site walks, volunteering, and more. The group is planning for an even more successful, active Women in Construction Week for 2025.

The third Moment Connection Operations Leadership Summit took place in May in Dallas, Texas, where JE Dunn executive leadership, regional office leaders, and ERG chairs came together to learn about women empowerment. The summit focused on self-empowerment, leadership growth, and creating timeless connections.

Looking forward, the group is planning the first Moment Connection Leadership Planning Retreat for Q3 of 2024 in Kansas City. During this time, Moment Connection leaders from all offices will come together to strategize on building their group further.



The most recent addition to JE Dunn’s ERGs, SOMOS, has kicked off to a strong start. The Spanish word meaning “we are,” SOMOS is dedicated to celebrating the Hispanic and Latino communities within JE Dunn.

Since starting in May 2024, SOMOS has been focusing on creating local partnerships with organizations, enhancing jobsite involvement, as well as creating networking and learning opportunities for their current talent base. Their hope is to foster a collaborative, inclusive workplace that supports the communities in which they work and live.

From Sept. 15 to Oct. 15, SOMOS and JE Dunn will be celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, hosting events, volunteer opportunities, and “lunch and learns” to celebrate the wide-ranging cultures of Central and South America.

By creating a community of veterans and allies within JE Dunn, VALOR strives to empower its employees and help them grow.


VALOR, which stands for Veteran Assistance through Leadership, Outreach, and Resources, has continued to develop and support its members through events, community engagement, and camaraderie. By creating a community of veterans and allies within JE Dunn, the group strives to empower its employees and help them grow.

Earlier this year, VALOR celebrated Memorial Day, and they will celebrate Veterans Day this November. In April, the Midwest region hosted a meet and greet to encourage networking and professional development.

As VALOR continues to grow, the goal is to consistently recognize veterans, their families, and their friends to make JE Dunn a safe place to work for those who served.

All are encouraged to take part in their upcoming events and community-focused service opportunities.