JE Dunn Capital Partners

JE Dunn Capital Partners (JEDCP) is the real estate investment arm of JE Dunn, co-investing alongside trusted development partners in select commercial and healthcare real estate projects built by JE Dunn. JEDCP works with these development partners by providing construction expertise, and project financial solutions. By only investing in JE Dunn projects, JEDCP adds value by delivering better project outcomes, creating repeat business opportunities, and complementing the margins of the core business, all of which benefit us as employee-owners.



The benefit that we, as employee-owners experience, is the impact JEDCP has to the company ESOP. Each year, JE Dunn goes through a valuation process with an outside consultant as part of the company ESOP stock price review. To date, the total JEDCP investment market value has well exceeded the cost of the investments, which has positively impacted our share price, and the company bonus pool, over the last several years.



Another way the JEDCP team is positively impacting the business is by creating better project outcomes through relationships that are formed at the beginning of a project and built and strengthened throughout the project lifecycle. As a builder and a co-investor, this partnership paves the way for clients to work with us on future projects. And, as an investor in a JEDCP project, the JE Dunn project team has the capability to apply company resources as needed.



As JE Dunn employee-owners, we share the sense of pride that comes with seeing a blue tower crane along a skyline. JEDCP bolsters that sense of pride. Not only are we building inspired places, we are helping make them happen from the very beginning. While we are not developers, we are partnering alongside them and our clients, helping make projects happen while investing in higher growth markets.