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JE Dunn Operations Basics & Technical Skills Training

One Online Course at a Time

All employees now have access to newly reimagined learning programs called Operations Basics and Building Blue located online in PeopleBuilder. These programs are made up of almost 45 courses designed to answer these four key questions:

  1. What are the fundamentals of my job, and why are they important to our success?
  2. How does my work connect to and impact what others are doing?
  3. How do my responsibilities shift across the project lifecycle?
  4. Where do I go to learn specific tasks, and how do I apply them to my work?

By providing answers to these questions, we are increasing capabilities across the company, providing greater clarity on the skills expected for high performance and ensuring we are best positioned for ongoing success. This information is critical for our Operations employees but can also be helpful to other employees in understanding JE Dunn’s business and everyday job site processes.

To learn more, visit the Learning & Development Connect page. Questions? Reach out to