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Self Perform

Fine Fettle

Macon, Georgia

JE Dunn has been constructing quality buildings for 100 years. Recently, our self-perform and Aptitude™: Intelligent Integration teams collaborated on a cannabis grow facility in Macon, Georgia.

The Fine Fettle project was complex from the start. Macon is located 90+ minutes from our Atlanta office, adding geographical complexity, and involved technology and materials that our crews had not yet encountered.


Our Atlanta office is not yet fully equipped for this type of travel for self-perform work, but the team rose to the challenge, relocating some trade foremen to Macon who could oversee the project’s concrete and drywall installation. The drywall team completed the installs that they would on a typical project: studs, drywall, and ceilings; additionally, they worked with insulated metal panels and a Unistrut framing system, despite not having experience with either type of installation. They researched, sought support as needed, and persevered — work that has been well received.

“The manufacturer of the panels actually came out and gave the crew a lot of big praise. They hadn’t seen them installed that well before and even talked about whether we could go and install it for other people because it had gone so well.”


Eric Nethery

Superintendent 3


Fine Fettle was the first grow facility in the state of Georgia, so the project team involved Aptitude from the start to help them decipher regulations and ensure they were met. In the process, Aptitude professionals found ways to save Fine Fettle around $350,000 during smart technology installation.

On top of Aptitude’s normal scope of work ensuring technology systems integrate properly, the team also needed to learn about lighting and fertilization elements unique to cannabis facilities. They dedicated their time and resources into becoming experts in a short timeframe and excelled at both their typical scope of work and the additional features they mastered.

“It was a learning curve for all of us, but at the end of the day, we ended up doing well on the job, and the customer seems to be happy.”


John Cooper IV, RCDD

Aptitude East Region Operations Director

Their efforts did not go unnoticed, winning the Fine Fettle work the title of Aptitude’s Project of the Year. The award — which launched in 2023 — is given annually in recognition of innovative ideas, methods, or solutions that have a significant positive impact and value. Fine Fettle earned the title for the inaugural award, beating out five finalists from JE Dunn’s other regions.

“We had some stiff competition,” said Cooper. “There were some much larger projects that this one was up against. To be chosen for this honor goes a long way.”