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Information Technology

IT Initiatives for 2024

JE Dunn was built upon the legacy of great builders and leaders. As we celebrate 100 Years, 100 Stories throughout the year, we also reflect on the technological advancements over the past century. The work our builders have put in place has always been designed, estimated, planned, and executed with tremendous care and skill. But how that work was accomplished has dramatically changed from 1924 to 2024.

Technology & Data Strategies for Success

As we look forward to JE Dunn’s next Centennial, our technology and data strategies have positioned us to remain industry-leading visionaries in the construction industry. New, emerging technologies are giving us a glimpse of how significant future advances may be for JE Dunn. Our IT Leadership team is focusing on digital excellence as a foundation for our next 100 years of growth.

We have identified 3 key strategic technologies to focus on in 2024 that will provide opportunities to enhance individual efficiency, differentiate JE Dunn from our peers, solve persistent business problems, and provide new insights for our leaders based on our powerful data infrastructure:

1. Autodesk Build Transition

Will provide improved document access and management for our project teams.

2. Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Will harness next-generation technology to uncover untapped efficiency potential, and data insights for better decision-making.

3. Automation Solutions

Will provide improved document access and management for our project teams.

These three technology strategies can unlock a new frontier for how our builders at JE Dunn deliver work. The primary goal remains the same: to provide world-class IT technology and support throughout the company. The IT team also looks forward to the impact of these new frontiers. Your feedback is essential for our collective success, so please don’t hesitate to share any questions, concerns, or suggestions you may have.